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The Valentine Church is a cemetery in Red Dead Redemption 2, located in the Valentine region of the New Hanover territory.


There are signs near the entrance. One reads, "Valentine Church. REV. Isaac Hampton. All Welcome. Prayer Books Provided." Another sign notes that it is a storm survivor, "1898."


The Church is located on the east side of Valentine and is not marked on the map. The church has a faded white color and a wooden structure. It is also held up by bricks. The church has a staircase that leads up to the double door entrance. Above the doors, there is a sign that says, "Let there be light," referring to the common Bible term in Genesis 1:3. The church itself is inaccessible.

To the west side of the church is a graveyard. Most of the graves have writing on them.

Known Graves

Albert Calloway
Dear Husband Albert Calloway
1816 - 1889
Catherine Calloway
Loving mother and wife
1832 - 1875
Maggie Calloway
Oh dear you have departed

April 1876
Eugene Dunn
B. 1855 - D. 1886
He perished. But is now with God
Thomas Dunn
Husband of Lucy
Father of Eugene
1816 - 1862
Marry Dunn
Loving sister to Bridget
1880 - 1886
Lucy Dunn
In memory of Lucy Dunn
Her face was Heaven's mirror
1818 - 1895
Bridget Dunn
An angel now in Heaven
With her twin sister
1880 - 1886
Simon Dalton
Born March 8 1825
Died June 15 1875
Magdalene Dalton
Thou art gone but remembered
B. 1832 D. 1867