Gold Pocket Watch RDR2
Valuables can be looted from dead characters, chests, and many other places in the game. They can only be sold to a Fence, but some are also used in crafting. They can also be donated to the camp.
Item Price Note
Ammolite $25.00 "This is a unique item."
Ancient Arrowhead $10 "This is a unique item."
Ancient Necklace $20 "This is a unique item."
Ancient Viking Comb $50 "This is a unique item."
Catherine's Brooch $25 "This is a unique item."
Charles Châtenay's Sketch $2.20
($4.23 St. Denis)
"This is a unique item."
Emerald $50 Received from the mission "He's British, of Course".
Female Fertility Statue $25.00 "This is a unique item."
Fertility Statue $25.00 "This is a unique item."
Fluorite $25.00 "This is a unique item."
Gator Eggs $2.50 Trapper will also buy these. Needed for Duchesses and other Animals
Gold Bar $500 NA
Gold Earring $2.00 Used in Boar Tusk Talisman
Gold Ingot $300 NA
Gold Nugget $25.00 NA
Gold Jointed Bracelet $7.00 Used in Alligator Tooth Talisman
Gold Pendant Necklace $8.00 NA
Gold Plate Buckle $3.00 NA
Gold Pocket Watch $10.00 NA
Gold Wedding Ring $5.00 NA
Gold Tooth $1.00 NA
Large Jewelry Bag $50.00 NA
Meteorite $30.00 NA
Native American Ring $10.00 "This is a unique item."
Necklace $2.00 NA
Old Brass Compass NA Used in Raven Claw Talisman
Penelope's Bracelet $75.00 "This is a unique item."
Pearl Necklace $4.00 NA
Platinum Band $7.00 NA
Platinum Chain Necklace $10.00 NA
Platinum Earring $3.00 NA
Platinum Engraved Buckle $5.00 NA
Platinum Pocket Watch $12.00 NA
Platinum Spring Bracelet $9.00 NA
Reutlinger Pocket Watch $155.00 "This is a unique item."
Rock Statue $50.00 "This is a unique item."
Silver Chain Bracelet $5.00 Used in Bear Claw Talisman
Silver Clamp Buckle $1.00 NA
Silver Earring $1.00 Used in Bison Horn Talisman
Silver Emblem Ring $3.00 NA
Silver Locket Necklace $6.00 NA
Silver Pocket Watch $8.00 NA
Skull Statue $75 "This is a unique item."
Small Jewelry Bag $25.00 NA
Silver Tooth $0.70 NA
Wedding Ring $7.00 NA
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