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Van Horn Trading Post is a settlement featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It lies to the east in Roanoke Ridge on the shores of the Lannahechee River, and is situated south of Annesburg.


The town is old, worn, and derelict. Many structures appear to have been abandoned, one seeming to have burned down, and the rest are dirty and in disrepair. The town is not policed; instead, if you commit a crime, the inhabitants of Van Horn will fire their weapons at you instead.

Around the bay of the settlement are wooden docks. These are in severe disrepair, with most having large, gaping holes in the wooden frame. Beside one of the piers is a sunken vessel, with many holes scattered around the boat.

The large majority of the buildings lie on one large road cutting through the middle of the village. The exceptions are three structures sat on a large pier to the north of the town.



  • If you commit a crime at Van Horn, instead of getting the usual Lawman/Bounty Hunters, the people of Van Horn will all start shooting at you. They will fire at you from all angles.
  • Van Horn is the location of the Legendary fish; the Legendary Muskie. Use Special River Lure to fish for this and take it to the post office to mail it to Jeremy Gill.
  • To the north-west of the stagecoach is an abandoned train station. On a bench is the Cigarette Card for the Telegraph.
  • A shack can be found northwest of the train station. On the west side of the shack is a table that has the Cigarette Card for Hummingbird Sage.
  • Due west of the saloon is an abandoned house across the railroad tracks and a trail. On the east porch is the Cigarette Card for Louis Durand; the Manmade Mutant can be found here as well.
  • To the south-west of the abandoned house is the Serpent Mound.
  • Across from the Post Office in town sits a barrel in a backyard. On the barrel is the Cigarette Card for Jennie Willetts.
  • A burned-out sheriff's office can be found to the east of where players can engage in Five Finger Filet. On the mantle upstairs is the Cigarette Card for the Turkey.
  • To the southeast, a schooner is docked at the pier. Under the hammock at the top of the boat is the Cigarette Card for the Schooner.
  • South of the schooner is a lighthouse. At the base of the lighthouse in the bushes is Aged Pirate Rum. The Legendary Muskie can also be fished nearby.
  • To the southwest of the Post is a structure with a balcony. On a crate on the northeast end of the balcony is the Cigarette Card for Slick Hutton.