Vetter's Echo is a cabin in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory.

It lies southwest of Hanging Dog Ranch, across the Little Creek River.


When the player enters the shack, a large grizzly bear can be seen. This bear quickly attacks the protagonist, and the player is left to fight off the beast.


This is a small shack with a little porch at the front. The door at the rear of the building has been destroyed and thrown off its hinges, suggesting that this is how the grizzly bear entered the property.

Inside, a dead man, who was killed by the bear, lies face-down on the edge of the bed. Across from him sits a messy desk, with a typewriter sat on top of it. Beside the desk lies an upturned easel, having been knocked over during the bear attack.


  • In the cabin can be found a pipe and the Cigarette Cards for the Black Widow Spider (on the desk) and Blazing Star (on the railing in front of the door).
  • Southeast of the cabin is a bloodstained tent close to the ridge. Inside is a lockbox containing Predator Bait, Rifle Cartridges, and the Special Miracle Tonic Pamphlet.
  • Due south of the cabin is the Big Valley Rocky Slope Bone, lying in the open on a hill.
  • Inside of the desk drawers, the 'Dear Annabella Poem' and the 'A Day's Walk Poem' can be found.


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