Well, it seems I'm temporarily financially embarrassed. Another time.
Victor Makepeace upon busting out

Victor Makepeace is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Victor's background, though judging from his attire, he is fairly well-to-do. He has a relative, Samuel Makepeace, buried in Blackwater cemetery.


Victor can be found playing Poker in the Blackwater Hotel at the High Stakes Poker table. He appears to be very wealthy, and talks about how he may buy expensive things on a whim, "I may soon purchase a car... for weekend trips and such." He also often talks about Cochinay. Victor can also sometimes be found walking around the Blackwater docks, and the Saloon.


  • Victor shares a very similar character model with both the Blackmailer from the Stranger side-mission "American Lobbyist" and Abner Forsyth.
    • Furthermore, he shares a body model with Ralph Dutton, with the exception that Victor also sports a bow tie.
  • There are several quotes which indicate he is scared of Marston; he often says these at the poker table, even when Marston himself is playing. He is also very eager to apologize if he walks into Marston.

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