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A rare ancient Hatchet, engraved all over with Nordic patterns and bound with leather. This Hatchet can also be thrown.
In-game description

The Viking Hatchet is a rare melee weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It cannot be customized.


As the name might suggest, the Viking Hatchet is similar to the regular hatchet: a basic hand axe, with a wedged steel blade and long wooden handle. It is designed for chopping wood, but owing to its robust build, this powerful one-handed weapon can not only be swung to deliver a large amount of damage to an opponent, but also thrown. The design is primitive, with rope and leather keeping the blade and wooden hilt together, the blade and hilt of the hatchet also has noticable viking artwork on it.


This melee weapon can be found at the Old Tomb, a point of interest in the Roanoke Valley area of New Hanover, lodged in a skull. Also, found nearby is the Viking Helmet and the Ancient Viking Comb.