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"Shepherd" Virgil Edwards is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online. His bounty is only available for players who have obtained The Prestigious Bounty Hunter License.



Called "Shepherd" by his followers, Edwards is the deranged leader of the 7th Generation cult, which has been identified as a significant threat to peace, law and order. Edwards’ followers are easily recognizable by their distinctive robes and an upside-down seven carved into their foreheads by The Shepherd himself.

Edwards foretells of an act called The Mercy – a ritual bloodletting leading them to their rapture, thought to be a mass killing. The sector lays low, biding their time and numbers, while Edwards' sermons grow increasingly more disturbed yet influential.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player must track him and his cult leaders down at Roanoke Ridge and bring him in dead or alive. When the player encounters Virgil, he will attempt to engage the player while wearing metal armor, which will have to be worn down before he can be hogtied.


  • When the player chooses a high difficulty (4 stars or more), aim assist will be disabled.




Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty -13 - "Shepherd" Virgil Edwards (5-Star Difficulty - Solo)