Visiting Hours is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

Arthur and Sadie row to Sisika Island to break John out of prison.


When arriving at Copperhead Landing, Abigail asks Arthur and Sadie if she could join them in rescuing John, but they refuse, saying that she would just become another thing to worry about. She reluctantly agrees, and thanks them both. Arthur and Sadie get into the rowboat and head towards the island.

Once they arrive, Sadie tells Arthur to take out the prison guard in the watchtower. After the guard is taken out, Arthur will snipe out the prison guards near the barn. After killing them, Sadie will exclaim that she didn't think that was actually John. Arthur and Sadie will head towards the field to the downed guards. Sadie interrogates a wounded guard, but a prison guard named Milliken appears and orders her to drop her weapon. Arthur sneaks behind the guard and orders him to drop his weapon. Arthur will use the guard as a hostage and Sadie will knock out the other guards as Arthur is heading towards the prison. Arthur demands that the guards release John from the prison or he will kill Milliken. The guards will eventually release John so, in response, Arthur releases Milliken, and the guards in the prison will open fire on the group.

Arthur, John, and Sadie fight their way to the boat and eventually escape the island. The trio then heads back to the camp, while Arthur informs John what had happened in his absence and that Dutch did not want him to be rescued. After arriving at the camp, Dutch is not pleased to see John. Dutch claims he had a plan and says the law will now be on all of them, to hang them all, instead of just John.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Get headshots on both prison guards when sniping from the tower.
  • Escape to the boat within 2 minutes 45 seconds.
  • Complete within 9 minutes.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.


  • Sisika Penitentiary prison guards - Killed by Arthur, Sadie and John during the operation.
  • Milliken (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur momentarily after being released.


  • After this mission, all of Roanoke Ridge, Bayou Nwa, and Bluewater Marsh will be marked in red and will display “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. Pinkertons will become active in these areas, and the player will have to watch out for Pinkerton patrols.
  • If the player does decide to kill Milliken, their honor will drop significantly.
  • During an escape from the island by a boat, players will automatically be equipped with the Lancaster Repeater to the shoulder.
  • If the player continues to use the sniper lens after Arthur kills the first two guards, they will see the prisoners fleeing towards the shore-line, taking advantage of the situation.
  • The newspapers later report the escape, although they don't mention the name of the escapee, John Marston.

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