The Vistas of America Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards a Gold Nugget and $100.


Name Location Notes
New York Caliga Hall To the south is a row of buildings. The second from the left, when looking at the map, has the card on the front porch.
Saint Denis Saint Denis On a cart near the Post Office.
Blackwater Blackwater Behind the Blackwater Grand Theatre is a ladder that leads to the roof. On top of one of the chimneys.
Armadillo Armadillo On a barrel inside the pig pen on the west side of town.
Rio Bravo Flatneck Station On the windmill tower's platform.
The Grizzlies Armadillo South-southeast of Armadillo is a shack with a table. On the table. This can only be acquired after accepting the "Smoking and Other Hobbies" mission.
San Francisco Mossy Flats At the southeast tower, on the windowsill.
Tall Trees Flatneck Station At the train station on a barrel.
Valentine Valentine On a table inside the train station.
Chicago Emerald Ranch On the windmill tower platform.
Rhodes Rhodes In the cemetery on a gravestone.
Annesburg Annesburg On the minecart tracks to the west is a barrel, on top of the barrel.


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