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Wagon drawn by four horses.

Wagons are vehicles in Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption.


Wagons are heavy, sturdy two to four-wheeled vehicles. In the times of Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption, they were pulled by horses, mules, or oxen. Most are pulled by two to four animals at a time depending on the weight of the load. Wagons are distinct from carts, which are smaller vehicles with just two wheels and which are pulled by only one animal.

Red Dead Revolver

Carromato Revolver

In Red Dead Revolver

The Prospector's Wagon serves as a type of General Store in Red Dead Revolver.

Red Dead Redemption

Wagons in Red Dead Redemption are found randomly in all three territories, driven by a pair of NPCs. The player can take over a wagon by either killing the NPCs or coming up to the side of the wagon and pulling the driver off of the wagon. Either act counts as a crime and can result in a Bounty and pursuit by law enforcement. In rainy weather, wagons will be found with tarps placed over them, to keep the supplies or people in the back dry. In multiplayer, wagons are found less frequently than in single player.

Just like a stagecoach, a wagon can protect the player from predatory animals. Animals will neither attack the horses nor the player while riding a wagon. Most animals, even bears, will in fact flee. And you can undo the horse from the cart by shooting/cutting the rope or flipping the cart over.



Single player and Multiplayer:


  • Wagons *may* be used to complete some or all of the three Stat Challenges involving stagecoaches (Shotgun Traveler, Stagecoach Trampler, Stagecoach Traveler). This has been confirmed for Stagecoach Traveler with a Mexican two-horse open wagon. Confirmation tests for the other challenges are still needed.
  • Aiming a weapon whilst driving a wagon will trigger a type of 'autopilot'. I.e., the horses will automatically follow the road and/or any waypoint you have set down so long as you are aiming your weapon. If playing online, the horses will continue to do this even when the game is 'paused'/in the menu. This is handy when travelling long distances.


  • If a wagon is carrying people in the back, shooting them in the head will make them slowly get up, climb out the wagon, and suddenly die, all the time having a partly exploded head.
  • Wagons also have trouble with maneuvering through confined spaces, and when a tree or other similar obstruction comes between the two front horses, the wagon/horses will start to glitch and shake violently up and down and occasionally be set free and run away.
  • In multiplayer, it is possible to get in the back of open top wagons. Simply get a horse, jump the horse into the back, and then get off the horse, or jump off a low ledge and onto the wagon. It may take a few tries. Or just simply run at the back and properly time a jump do get in.
  • Occasionally in multiplayer, the wagon horses may appear detached from the wagon. However, if the player attempts to ride them, they will end up pulling the wagon behind them. On other players' screens, the horse appears directly in front of the wagon, and still looks hitched to the wagon. Sometimes pulling the wagon is easy, just like riding a regular horse, but other times it is very glitchy and will return the player to an area and it takes forever to get anywhere. It is possible to ride in the back of the wagon (if it is an open top) while someone is pulling it on the horse.
  • Sometimes aiming at the driver of the wagon will make him jump off and the passenger will take the reigns.
  • Very rarely when taking the already occupied shotgun seat of a wagon the driver will stay on the wagon as if nothing happened and will continue to drive normally.

For other wagon-related bugs, please see: Glitches

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