You might also be looking for Walton's Gang (Multiplayer), the playable multiplayer characters who wear the same outfits as Walton's Gang.


A Walton's Gang Member (Rufus Higbee) and Marston.

A bunch of two-bit hoodlums, led by this fella called Walton. Goddamn road agents who prey on the stages comin' in and out of town. Drivers in Armadillo spend more time with their hands in the air than on the reins these days.
Leigh Johnson, describing Walton's Gang.

Walton's Gang is a gang of road agents and robbers led by a man named Walton Lowe in Red Dead Redemption.


The first appearance of the gang in Red Dead Redemption is in the mission "Political Realities in Armadillo" where the player must fight past gang members to capture or kill Walton Lowe. Walton's Gang are one of the most dangerous gangs found in the game, due to their ruthlessness and that they control a large amount of territory in Cholla Springs.

Members of the Walton's Gang stand out due to their top hats and matching scarves. After completing the set requirements, the player can unlock the Walton's Gang Outfit and dress as a member of the gang.


Walton's Gang can be found committing crimes all over New Austin, mostly Cholla Springs and Gaptooth Ridge. They use Twin Rocks as a gang hideout, they drink in the Armadillo saloon and some members gamble at Rathskeller Fork. They can also be seen inhabiting Pleasance House in a mission for Leigh Johnson, though this is not a permanent location for the gang.

Known Members

The following is a list of known members of Walton's Gang, other than Walton Lowe:


  • Walton's name may be a reference to the real world Dalton Gang, a gang lead by four brothers who undertook numerous bank and train robberies in the early 1890s.
  • They may have been styled after the Natives, a gang from the movie Gangs of New York, as the Natives wear matching top hats with a blue stripe rather than a red one.
  • Walton's Gang still functions as a gang even though Walton Lowe was killed/captured.
  • If the player points a gun at a gang member in Armadillo and shoots him non-lethally, any lawman who is in the vicinity will attack the criminal immediately and usually kill them.
  • The Gang members in Armadillo live in a small camp on the north side of the town. There are a couple of blankets, a box, and a lantern. Link Huston and Woody Swenson usually go there after they leave the bar.
  • The Walton's Gang's hat can be purchased in PlayStation Home on the PS3 for use with the player's avatar.
  • Even with the Walton's Gang Outfit equipped, the gang will not assist the player in a fight. The same goes for the rest of the factions/gangs in the game.
  • Walton's gang is the only gang to have two playable legendary characters. Rufus Higbee and Link Huston.
  • Walton's gang owns the most hideouts in single player.


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