Wapiti Indian Reservation is a Native American reservation in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Grizzlies East region of the Ambarino territory.

The Wapiti Indians used to live within the reservation after being forced off the land by the U.S. Army.


The Wapiti peoples originally roamed the Heartlands, before they were forcibly relocated to the Wapiti Reservation in Ambarino by settlers moving west, as well as the American government. However, the reservation was less suitable for farming than the lands previously occupied by the Wapiti Indians.

The relation between the Wapiti and the American government further deteriorates following the failed peace negotiations between Rains Fall and Colonel Favours, and the Indians are forced to flee north by the end of 1899. As of 1907, the reservation itself has seemingly been abandoned for many years.

The lands of the reservation were believed to be oil-rich. This led to several attempts from Henry Favours, secretly supported by Oil magnate Leviticus Cornwall, to drive the Wapiti people off the reservation. However, a newspaper in 1907 reports that the amount of oil found under the reservation was extremely minimal, and oil drilling was abandoned soon after it had begun.


  • At the base of the bridge at the south end of the Reservation, players can find a lockbox that contains the Dynamite Arrow Pamphlet, Guarma Rum, and a large jewelry bag.
  • In Red Dead Online, there is a Fast Travel station in the southeastern part of the reservation.


  • Wapiti Avenue in Blackwater is named after them. This was common practice in the United States to name streets, cities, and even several states after the local Indian inhabitants, often despite a near-total wipeout of most local Indian populations.
  • It is the only Native American settlement in Red Dead Redemption 2. While Cochinay is a Native American reservation for West Elizabeth by the first game, the area is vacant in the second game.
  • It is the only incorporated settlement in the entire state of Ambarino, despite its low population and subsequent abandonment in 1899.
  • Players can't use weapons in the settlement.
  • Natives in the settlement will often remark on the unusual presence of a white man if Arthur Morgan visits the settlement before doing missions for Rains Fall. They may even be openly hostile to Morgan's presence, and tell him to leave, although they will never attack Arthur, nor will Arthur antagonize them back. Once Arthur has done a few missions for Rains Fall and Eagle Flies, the Native inhabitants will greet Morgan, and generally be more friendly towards him.
  • Some structures as seen on the in-game mini map don't actually appear in game, and may be completely blank.
  • By 1907 when visiting the settlement, the player can find an old, disused wooden oil pump at the north end. This reflects the abandonment of efforts to exploit the supposed rich resources and the futility of moving the tribe off the reservation.



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