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Watson's Cabin is a homestead in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory.


When freeing a chain gang prisoner in a random encounter, he may give Watson's Cabin as a home robbery tip.

Robbing the homestead comes in two stages. First, entering the home will prompt the elderly resident to mistake the player for someone else. After asking to place the delivery in the cellar, a semi-automatic shotgun can be found. Leave the homestead and wait about a day. Upon returning, the old lady will be arguing with her four sons.

If trying to enter the cabin, the player will be pushed back and attacked by her four sons. They will be killed and the lockbox on the kitchen table can be searched to complete the home robbery.


  • If the player stays around during the initial encounter with the elderly woman, she will give amusing dialogue in which she orders the player to leave, and this will continue until provoked.
  • If, during the second encounter, leaving the old woman alive after killing her sons, her decomposing body can be found tucked into the blankets of her bed.
  • Simon Pearson will mention the house to Javier at camp and telling him that there is money inside the house.
  • There is a Ginseng Elixir on the mantle above the fireplace.


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