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The Watson Boys are a faction found in Red Dead Redemption 2 and mentioned in Red Dead Online.


The Watson Boys are a gang of family members that can be encountered at Watson's Cabin in Big Valley, West Elizabeth.


Events of Red Dead Online

While none of the sons are seen in-game, it is stated after having completed at least one mission from Mama Watson, that in addition to running their gang, that she also plans escapes for affiliated outlaws.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

If the player returns to the cabin after visiting it for the first time, the four Watson Boys burst out and try to kill him. If the player kills them, Mama Watson will curse at him.


  • During the epilogue, the mother of the Watson Boys can be found dead, rotting away on her bed in the cabin.
  • If the player returns to their cabin after having either robbed or interacted with Mama Watson, her sons will be talking about trying to use the money they get from their criminal exploits to move her out of the country. She will express disinterest to the plan.
  • They've been frequently compared to the Dalton gang from the French comedy-western comic series, Lucky Luke, due to being a gang of four brothers with the mother as the leader, and they also live in a small cabin in the woods, much like them.


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