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There are a variety of weapons available in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are essential to survival, as well as an integral part of everyday life in the American West. Players will be able to modify their weapons to fit aesthetic appeal and play-style, from visual upgrades like new metals, woods, varnishes, and engravings to performance upgrades like new barrels, grips, sights, and scopes.

There are over 50 unique usable weapons, a range of options for customization, and a selection of different ammunition types to improve accuracy, range, or damage. The more a gun is used, the better it will perform, but it will also start to degrade over time if not looked after, so a firearm needs to be kept oiled and clean.


Numbered values in the following tables are the weapon stats based on its condition, these range from its default stats, modified, degraded or cleaned conditions. 1.0 is the lowest value for a firearm stat and 4.0 is the highest. Numbered values marked in italicized red text is the maximum value of a stat, which is achieved when a weapon is customized, In good condition, high familiarity and certain ammo.

Legend Description
Weapon Indicates the name of the firearm.
Dmg Indicates the damage the firearm can inflict onto a target.
Rng Indicates the range or the distance the firearm can reach onto a target; how far the firearm can shoot before losing effectivity.
F.R. Indicates the firing rate the firearm can shoot its bullets; how fast the firearm can fire.
Acc Indicates the accuracy the firearm can hit its target; how exact the firearm can manage to land a hit.
Rel Indicates the reloading speed the firearm can cycle ammunition; how fast the firearm is reloaded.
Ammo Indicates the number of rounds the firearm can hold.
Cost Indicates the general price of the firearm.
Model Indicates the real-life model the firearm is based upon.


Pistols and Revolvers

These weapons can be dual-wielded. They generally have short ranges and a high firing rate. The main difference between pistols and revolvers is that pistols tend to have a higher rate of fire and a higher ammo capacity, while revolvers tend to have greater damage and more accuracy. Assuming the weapon is in good condition without customizations and familiarity boosts, each weapon's stats are as follows:

Weapon Dmg Rng F.R. Acc Rel Ammo Cost ($) Model
Cattleman Revolver 1.7 2.0/2.8 3.0/3.0 2.8 2.7 6 50 Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver
Granger's Revolver 1.7/2.7 2.0 3.0/3.0 2.8 2.7 6 U
Flaco's Revolver 1.7 2.0 3.0/3.0 2.8 2.7 6 U
John's Cattleman Revolver 1.7/2.7 2.0/2.8 3.0/3.0 2.8 2.7 6 U
Double-Action Revolver 1.5 2.0/2.8 3.2 2.0 2.8/3.2 6 65 Colt New Model 1892 Army & Navy Revolver
Algernon's Revolver 1.5 2.0 3.2 2.0 2.8 6 U
Micah's Revolver 1.7 2.0 3.2 2.2 2.8 6 U
High Roller Double-Action Revolver 1.5 2.0 3.2 2.8 2.0 6 190
Schofield Revolver 1.9 2.0/2.8 2.8/2.8 3.0 2.5/3.0 6 84 Smith & Wesson Model 3 "Schofield" Revolver
Calloway's Revolver 1.9 2.0 2.8 3.0 2.5 6 U
Otis Miller's Revolver 1.9/2.9 2.0 2.8 3.0 2.5/3.0 6 U
LeMat Revolver 3/4 2.9/4 3.9/4 2.4/4.0 2.7/4.0 9 (Revolver Ammo)
1 (Shotgun Ammo)
172 LeMat Revolver
Navy Revolver 2.1 2.0 2.9 2.9 2.0 6 275 Colt 1851 Navy Revolver
Lowry's Revolver 2.1 2.2 2.9 3.2 2.0 6 U
Volcanic Pistol 2.2/3.2 2.0/2.8 2.0/2.0 3.0 2.2 8 150 Smith and Wesson 1855 Volcanic Pistol
Semi-Automatic Pistol 1.2/2.2 2.0/2.8 3.3/3.3 2.7 3.1/3.6 8 210 Borchardt C-93 Pistol
Mauser Pistol 1.4 2.0/2.8 3.1/3.1 2.6 3.0/3.3 10 250 Mauser C96 Pistol
Midnight's Pistol 1.4 2.0/2.8 3.1/3.1 2.6 3.0/3.4 10 U
M1899 Pistol 1.5 2.0 3.1 3.2 2.8 8 350 FN Modele 1899

Rifles and Repeaters

The weapons of choice for the medium-to-long range gunfight. They also can be equipped with scopes to assist players in shooting from a distance. The repeaters are well-rounded firearms with decent damages, high rates of fire and large ammo capacities. The rifles, with exception of Varmint Rifle, provide the greatest damage out of all firearms. Nevertheless, their low rate of fire and small ammo capacities make them ill-suited for the close range firefight.

Note: Players are forced to look through a scope when they take aim with Carcano Rifle or Rolling Block Rifle.

Weapon Dmg Rng F.R. Acc Rel Ammo Cost ($) Model
Carbine Repeater 2.4 2.7 2.0/2.3 2.8 3.0/3.4 7 90 Spencer Model 1865 Carbine
Lancaster Repeater 2.2 2.8 2.0/2.3 2.9 2.8/3.2 14 135 Winchester Model 1866
Litchfield Repeater 2.8 2.8 2.2/2.0 2.7 3.0/3.0 16 145 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle
Evans Repeater 2.0 2.6 2.6 3.0 2.5 26 140 Evans Repeating Rifle
Varmint Rifle 1.6 2.8/3.2 2.8/2.5 2.9 3.2/2.8 14 72 Winchester Model 1890
Springfield Rifle 3.2/4.0 3.0/4.0 1.2/1.2 3.1 1.8/2.1 1 120 Springfield Model 1873 "Trapdoor" Carbine
Bolt Action Rifle 2.9 3.0/4.0 1.5/1.5 3.2 2.2/2.5 5 180 Krag–Jørgensen model US Army 1892 rifle
Rolling Block Rifle 3.5/4.0 3.5/4.0 1.2/1.2 3.4 1.9 1 187 Remington Rolling Block Rifle
Rare Rolling Block Rifle 3.5/4.0 3.5/4.0 1.2 3.6 1.9/1.9 1 U
Carcano Rifle 3.1 3.3/4.0 1.5/1.5 3.2 2.8/3.2 6 190 Carcano Model 91/38 Short Rifle


The shotguns are unmatched when it comes to inflicting damage at close range. This characteristic make them a good choice for clearing enemies out of rooms and buildings.

Note: the Sawed-off Shotgun occupies a holster/handgun slot.

Weapon Dmg Rng F.R. Acc Rel Ammo Cost ($) Model
Sawed-off Shotgun 2.8/3.6 1.2/1.3 2.3/2.3 2.0 2.0/2.0 2 85 Remington Model 1889
Double-barreled Shotgun 2.8 1.5/2.0 2.5/2.5 1.8 2.0/2.0 2 95
Rare Shotgun 2.8 1.2/1.9 2.5/2.3 1.5 1.2/2.2 2 U
Pump-action Shotgun 2.5 1.2/2.0 2.0/2.0 2.5 2.5/2.5 5 148 Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun
Semi-auto Shotgun 2.2 1.2/2.0 2.5/2.3 2.5 1.2/2.6 5 225 Browning Auto-5 Shotgun
Repeating Shotgun 2.5/3.4 1.5/2.0 2.0/2.0 2.2 2.5/2.9 6 185 Winchester Model 1887

The Bow

The Bow is given to the player for free by Charles Smith, during the mission "The Aftermath of Genesis", in order to hunt deer. The Bow can used to silently kill targets from afar, and most fired arrows are retrievable. The player can then craft and use a multitude of different to take down different targets, including both animals and gunslingers.

Bow + Arrow Types Dmg Rng Acc F.R. Rel Ammo Details
Arrows 2.4 1.6 3.2 1.2 1.6 40 Purchase from Gunsmiths.
Improved Arrows 3.0 1.6 3.2 1.2 1.6 40 Crafting Recipe:
- 1 Regular Arrow
- 1 Flight Feather

More powerful and flies faster. Ideal for hunting massive animals. Can pass through multiple bodies.
Small Game Arrows 1.6 1.6 3.2 1.2 1.6 40 Crafting Recipe:
- 1 Regular Arrow
- 1 Flight Feather
- 1 Shotgun Shell

Ideal for hunting small rodents, crabs and small birds.
Poison Arrows 2.6 1.6 3.2 1.2 1.6 8 Crafting Recipe:
- 1 Regular Arrow
- 1 Flight Feather
- 1 Oleander Sage

Pamphlet Location

Arrows coated in Oleander extract. Causes targets to flee and succumb to a slow and painful death from poisoning, when hit anywhere besides the head.
Fire Arrows 3.2 1.6 3.2 1.2 1.6 8 Crafting Recipe:
- 1 Regular Arrow
- 1 Flight Feather
- 1 Animal Fat

Sets targets alight and burns them to death. Recommended against humans, but not against animals. Can't be retrieved.
Dynamite Arrows 4.0 1.6 3.2 1.2 1.6 8 Crafting Recipe:
- 1 Regular Arrow
- 1 Flight Feather
- 1 Dynamite

Pamphlet Location

Explodes upon contact with enemies or surfaces. Great for eliminating groups of enemies, but not recommended for hunting animals (unless you're into dynamite fishing, maybe). Can't be retrieved.

Melee & Throwable Weapons

Melee Weapons Dmg Rng Acquisition
Fists 1.2 0.4 Start the game
Machete 2.2 0.4 Mission(s): The First Shall Be Last, That's Murfree Country
Stranger Mission: A Bright Bouncing Boy
Pickup: Dropped by slain Murfree Brood or Night Folk members.
Purchase: $10 from Fences; Chapter 5
Broken Pirate Sword Pickup: Lodged in a broken boat, south of Caliga Hall and Saint Denis, and northeast of Shady Belle, in Lemoyne
Hunting Knife 2.0 0.4 Start the game
John's Knife Mission: Motherhood
Antler Knife Pickup: In the neck of a dead Grizzly Bear, between Hanging Dog Ranch and Stilt Shack, in the north of West Elizabeth
Civil War Knife Pickup: Fort Brennand, Roanoke Ridge
Jawbone Knife Stranger Mission: A Test of Faith
Wide-Blade Knife Pickup: In the back of a dead miner in Beryl's Dream, in Big Valley, West Elizabeth
Ornate Dagger Pickup: Kill the Vampire in Saint Denis
Throwable Melee Weapons Dmg Rng Acc Acquisition
Cleaver 2.4 1.0 1.0 Purchase: $8.00 from Fences; Chapter 5
Hatchet Purchase: $4.25 from Fences; Chapter 5
Hewing Hatchet Pickup: Lodged in a tree stump outside the cabin at Moonstone Pond, in Grizzlies East, Ambarino
Stone Hatchet Pickup: Found at the Native Burial, in Big Valley, West Elizabeth
Viking Hatchet Pickup Found in the Old Tomb, in Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover
Hunter Hatchet Pickup: Lodged in a tree stump outside Dodd's Bluff, in Grizzlies West, Ambarino
Rusted Hunter Hatchet Pickup: Lodged in a tree stump next to a outside Martha's Swain, in Grizzlies East, Ambarino
Double Bit Hatchet Pickup: Lodged in a tree stump outside a fenced-off area, northwest of Wallace Station, West Elizabeth
Rusted Double Bit Hatchet Pickup: Lodged in a tree stump between 2 big houses, in the north of Annesburg, New Hanover
  • As of update 1.21, the Stone Hatchet can no longer be found in the weapon section of the compendium.
  • All axes are throwable and retrievable.
Throwable Weapons Dmg Rng Acc Ammo Acquisition
Lasso 0.4 0.88 1.0 Start the game
Fire Bottle 2.8 1.0 1.0 8 Crafting:
  • 1 block of Animal fat
  • 1 bottle of Gin/Guarma Rum/Kentucky Bourbon/Fine Brandy

Can also be purchased for $0.75 from Fences, after completing The Fine Joys of Tobacco in Chapter 3

Volatile Fire Bottle 3.28 1.0 1.0 8 Crafting:
  • 1 block of Animal fat
  • 1 bottle of Moonshine
Dynamite 3.6 1.0 1.0 8 Purchase: $1.00 from Fences; Chapter 2
Volatile Dynamite 4.0 1.0 1.0 8 Crafting:
  • 1 stick of Dynamite
  • 1 block of Animal Fat
  • 1 High Velocity Cartridge
Throwing Knife 2.0 1.0 1.6 8 Purchase: $2.50 from Fences; Chapter 2, after Paying a Social Call
Improved Throwing Knife 2.4 1.2 1.8 8 Crafting:
  • 1 Throwing Knife
  • 2 Eagle/Hawk Feathers
Poison Throwing Knife 2.4 1.2 1.8 8 Crafting:
  • 1 Throwing Knife
  • 1 Oleander Sage Flower
Tomahawk 2.4 1.0 1.0 3 Purchase: $4.00 from Fences; Chapter 2, after completing Americans at Rest
Improved Tomahawk 2.88 1.2 1.0 3 Crafting:
  • 1 Tomahawk
  • 2 Eagle/Hawk Feathers
Homing Tomahawk 2.88 1.2 1.4 3 Crafting:
  • 1 Tomahawk
  • 1 Owl Feather
Ancient Tomahawk 2.4 1.0 1.0 1 Pickup: Lodged in a wooden target near Calumet Ravine, west of the Wapiti Indian Reservation in Grizzlies East, Ambarino

Mounted Weapons

Exclusive Weapons

There are currently two weapons and a customization option for Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons that can only be found in Grand Theft Auto Online:

  • The gold metal and pearl grip customizations for the Double-action Revolver can only be unlocked in the Grand Theft Auto Online update The Doomsday Heist. A version of the weapon is acquired in a secret Treasure Hunt mission, and if a challenge to get 50 head shot kills is completed, the skin can be unlocked in Red Dead Redemption 2 via the Social Club.[1]
  • The Stone Hatchet can be found in the Grand Theft Auto Online update After Hours, it can be acquired by the player in a secret Treasure Hunt mission and if a challenge to get 25 kills is completed, it can also be unlocked in Red Dead Redemption 2 if their social club account is assigned to their game. It can be found at the Native Burial in West Elizabeth.
  • Lowry's Revolver, a unique Navy Revolver, can be found after solving the "Los Santos Slasher" mystery in Grand Theft Auto Online. After acquiring the GTA Online Navy Revolver and killing 50 NPCs or players in said game with it, Lowry's Revolver becomes available in Red Dead Online. It can be found in a lockbox in Lucky's Cabin.

Tips and Tricks

  • The more each weapon is used, the higher the familiarity will be. Higher familiarity will increase the weapon's range, reload speed, and accuracy. The fastest way to reach maximum familiarity with a gun is by using it to get 80 headshot kills. A player can do this easily in Story mode by clearing out gang hideouts or replaying completed missions.
  • Degradation only affects holstered or carried guns.
  • The degradation rate will be increased greatly when the guns are immersed in mud or water.
  • The bow will not be degraded in any situation. This makes it a logical weapon in the case that players must wade through waist-high water or swamps for a long period.
  • Firearms can be cleaned at gunsmith shops under the customisation menu. Having them cleaned in the stores can be cheaper than using gun oil, but gun oil enables quick maintenance from anywhere in the game world. Note that unique guns cannot be cleaned by the gunsmith since they cannot be customised and do not appear in the firearms selection.
  • Most NPCs carry worn versions of the standard weapons. These differ from their normal versions in that they cannot be customized at a Gunsmith, and their condition can't be improved with gun oil to a full four bars. While most worn weapons will be discarded by the player character once they mount their horse, some will be kept if they aren't owned yet. Because worn weapons still contribute to a weapons familiarity, this can be used to increase your familiarity or dual-wield weapons that for whatever reason haven't been acquired yet. These worn weapons will be discarded once the standard weapon (or two of the standard weapon if they are sidearms) are acquired.
  • In many cases, general NPCs in gang hideouts will shoot at players only if they are within an effective range of their firearms. For example, if players shoot NPCs from a sufficiently long distance, they will simply take cover instead of firing back.
  • Since an update patch 1.20, The Weapon Locker from Red Dead Online has been added to Story Mode, allowing players to remove any unused weapons from their horse.



Finding and/or buying all weapons can net you these trophies/achievements:

10 gamerscoregamerscore
Bronze bronzebronze
Upgrade each available component for a single sidearm or longarm weapon

10 gamerscoregamerscore
Bronze bronzebronze
Spend $5000 across all shops

20 gamerscoregamerscore
Silver silversilver
Complete one of the Collectible strands

100 gamerscoregamerscore
Gold goldgold
Attain 100% Completion.


  1. Uncover the Double-Action Revolver: "Rumors of a lost relic from the frontier have begun to surface, and treasure awaits those bold enough to seek it. Keep an eye on your iFruit for a special in-game email containing the first clue, then follow the trail to unlock the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online. Once you acquire your gratis Double-Action Revolver, complete the Headshot Challenge in Freemode for a GTA$250,000 reward and unlock it for future gun-slinging exploits in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One."

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