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Wendell White is a minor character and a stranger featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Wendell White and Sampson Black were attacked by a farmer named Jimmy Holdacre. They fought back in self defense, but Holdacre died after suffering a heart attack. It mattered little though, as Judge Amory was bribed and sentenced both of them to prison on murder charges.

However, Wendell and Sampson managed to escape from prison and camped out in the outskirts of Rhodes, which is where the player first encounters them.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The player comes across the pair fighting one another under a tree near the train station in Rhodes, blaming each other for getting into their current situation. They explain to the player that they are struggling and that they have no food or supplies due to the wanted posters in town. Mr. White then starts to argue with Mr. Black until the player intervenes and subsequently offers to help them. After completing the task, the player returns to the camp and both men appear relieved, to such a degree that they even start to get along with one another.

If the player refuses help: Both Mr. White and Mr. Black are hogtied by the player and taken to the Rhodes Sheriff office. As a result, the player is given a reward for the pair's apprehension and neither are ever seen again.

They are next encountered in northern Lemoyne, where they have set up camp near Old Greenbank Mill. The two men are seen lying beside each one another, moaning in pain. They explain to the player that they ate some mushrooms, and then ask him to find a cure for them. Upon their return, the player hands over the requested medication and the pair drink the cure before expressing their gratitude.

Later on, the two are found living together at a cabin called Stilt Shack. They greet the player, who is surprised that the men stayed together. The two men then get into an argument and Sampson insults Wendell, resulting in Wendell getting angry and going back inside the cabin. Sampson then realizes that Wendell has locked the door and apologizes for insulting him. Wendell eventually accepts the apology and opens the door.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • White's first name is revealed in an argument with Sampson before starting "The Ties That Bind Us".