I ain't no push-over!

Werner Cobb

Werner Cobb is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Werner is a member of the Bollard Twins Gang.


Werner can be encountered in the town of Thieves' Landing. He also appears in the Pike's Basin and Fort Mercer gang hideouts.


I'se got my shootin' pants on!
Werner Cobb during a fight
I’se going to shoot you dead!
Werner Cobb during a fight
You’re gettin’ a whoopin’!
Werner Cobb during a fist fight
Find me a doctor, you gotta!
Werner Cobb when injured.
Shut the hell up.
Werner Cobb when threatened
Oh, sorry.
Werner Cobb when bumped
You ain’t no better than what I is.
Werner Cobb when insulted.
Well ain't that the darndest thing.
Werner Cobb responding to a conversatiob
Shut your mouth else I'll open up your head.
Werner Cobb during a supply robbery


  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Ian Connors in the Cattle Rustlers section.
  • He, Pinky Wilson, and Gus Ballard are the only members of the Bollard Twins gang that are not bounty targets.
  • Werner shares a character head with Duke Grayson.
  • Werner can be found playing the harmonica in the main camp of Pike's Basin both before the player completes "Justice in Pike's Basin" and after, so long as the player wears the Bollard Twins Outfit into the basin.
  • Werner along with Julius Grimes, is one of the two members of the Bollard Twins Gang who will lead a "Supply Run" random encounter. Werner will be the one who will be holding a kneeling man at gunpoint and who will warn you away after the man held at gunpoint calls for the player to help them. 


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