Wesley Cowan is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Wesley's background. He has a relative, Hoover Cowan, buried at Odd Fellow's Rest.


Wesley can commonly be found in and around Armadillo, most often working in the animal pens and fixing things around town, including the coffins at Eldin Grubb's undertaking business. He can sometimes also be found riding on horseback or wagon through Rathskeller Fork. He will also appear as a victim tied up at a cannibal's camp during the Random Encounters.


Shoot me then!
Wesley Cowan when threatened.
Now all you gotta do is say hello.
Wesley Cowan when bumped.
I love makin’ new friends, mister.
Wesley Cowan when bumped.
I’m kind but I ain’t weak.
Wesley Cowan when insulted.
Wesley Cowan greeting.
He’s known for short changin’ folks.
Wesley Cowan conversing with others.
I paid for new horseshoes, but got old ones…
Wesley Cowan conversing with others.
Now how you think she be havin’ all that money?
Wesley Cowan conversing with others.
You don’t say?
Wesley Cowan responding to conversations.
Whatever you say, mister.
Wesley Cowan when bribed as an eyewitness.


  • During conversations, Wesley can be overheard complaining about getting "old horseshoes" when he purchased new ones and makes a (nameless) mention of someone "short-changing folks". Who he means is unknown but Wesley could be referencing Ira Shelton, who himself claims that people in Armadillo are afraid him.
  • He shares the same character head as Noah Greenup and a similar outfit as Lomax Brewton.


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