So you're Horley's protégés, huh? He sent word you was decent. I hope so. This land is full of scum. I spend most of my time thinking they're better off left to it.

Marshal Davies
Where Your Morals Lead You is a mission in Red Dead Online. It is given by Horley and Tom Davies and can be played only if the player is honorable.

Mission overview

Horley said you could put your gun (or a quieter weapon) to good use by going to see Marshal Davies.

A band of killers is on the loose in Tall Trees and he wants to bring their leader to justice.


The mission begins with Tom Davies identifying the Red Dead Online protagonist and their posse as Horley’s protégés, while also saying that Horley said they were decent. Old Man Jones then appears and says that they are good people, though Davis promptly dismisses him, to which he complies. Davies then briefs the posse on the criminal he has been tasked with tracking down who killed a family near Thieves' Landing named Alfredo Montez. He then shows them a photo of Montez while also saying that he may be hiding out near Manzanita Post. Davies then asks the posse to ride with him and take a look. There, they meet Davies' informant, Lee, who discusses with Davies that Montez knows they are coming for him. Davies shrugs this off and states that he cannot go with them as if he does this, it would be considered a crime for him, but he says he is able to turn a blind eye to their actions.

After the discussion, Lee takes the protagonist and their posse with him to find Montez, while also dispatching Montez’ gang members through either silent or more overt means. After getting through the patrolling gang members, they manage to discover Montez at Swadbass Point. After a shootout against Montez’s men, either Lee or one of the posse members kills Montez during the shootout. Lee then identifies the body and decides to sever the head, instead of taking the body, and puts it in a bag. They then escape Montez’s men after stealing horses and they ride back to Manzanita Post, where Lee shows Davies the head, only for Davies to reveal that the head belonged to Jorge Montez, Alfredo Montez's brother. Davies pays the protagonist and their less than what was promised due to them killing the wrong brother while also telling them to meet him at Van Horn. Davies and the posse then depart, with Lee throwing Jorge’s head away.

Mission Rating Parameters

  • Complete the mission in under 14 minutes
  • Enemies Killed
  • Stealth Kills
  • Headshot Kills
  • Lives Lost
  • Avoid Taking Damage



Video walkthrough

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