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The Wide-Blade Knife is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It cannot be customized.


A rare hunting knife with a wide clip-point blade and worn curved wooden handle. This knife was found sticking out of the back of a corpse deep in the mines of Beryl's Dream, Big Valley. The previous owner of this weapon went to great lengths to prevent their crime from being discovered.


This knife can be looted from the body located in Beryl's Dream mine, west of Mount Shann, West Elizabeth. Players need to detonate the rocks in the way at the entry to the mine by using the plunger.


  • Its function in the game is purely aesthetic, as its stats do not differ in any way from any other knife in the inventory.
  • Despite being decorative, this knife is found on the same corpse the player can find the Miner's Hat, which is the only hat in the game that's actually useful, as it allows the player to go through dark places without carrying a lantern, leaving both hands free.
  • For unknown reasons, it is never used by the player when skinning an animal or splitting bullet points, being automatically swapped back to the Hunting Knife instead.