Wilbur the Boar is a rare animal featured in the Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats DLC pack.


Wilbur can only be found while playing in Free Roam on the Broken Tree hunting ground. He appears after all waves of boar have been killed, and is usually accompanied by 2-5 regular boar.


Like Gordo, Wilbur can take a large amount of damage, even from high powered weapons like the Semi-auto Shotgun or the Buffalo Rifle. A good way to kill him is to Dead-Eye target him using either the Springfield Rifle or the Bolt Action Rifle.


  • The name Wilbur probably refers to the main character in the book Charlotte's Web, who is a pig.
  • Wilbur uses the same model as Gordo, another legendary boar. Even though, Gordo's tusks are slightly longer and are more yellowed than Wilbur's.
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