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The Wilderness is the area outside of settlements that makes up the majority of the Red Dead Redemption landscape.


The wilderness in each region in the game is dominated by a distinct type of landscape. West Elizabeth progresses from open plains in the south through hills, forests, and snow-covered mountains in the north. New Austin has plains in the east and deserts in the west. Nuevo Paraíso is largely desert with spectacular red rock formations to the east and white sand to the west.

The wilderness is where all wild animals are encountered, with each animal having a natural habitat where it is more likely to be found. Some areas contain predatory animals that will attack the player, particularly cougars and bears, so caution is advised when traveling through these areas. Wild horses found in the wilderness can be broken in order to become the player's mount.

It is recommended to stick to the roads when traveling through the wilderness. This allows the player's horse to travel faster with less stamina drain. In Multiplayer, however, the Bull mounts can be used to take shortcuts through the wilderness since their speed is not affected.

When fleeing from the law, in either single player or Multiplayer, lawmen and posses will track players down in the wilderness in an attempt to bring them to justice.


All of the Master Hunter Challenges, Survivalist Challenges, and Treasure Hunter Challenges are performed in the wilderness. Many of the Sharpshooter Challenges are as well.

Single Player

In the single player game, many of the Random Encounters occur in the wilderness. Marston will occasionally run into fellow travelers sitting around a campfire and can join them to rest and hear their campfire tales (which are often about him). The player can also set up a Basic Campsite or Improved Campsite in the wilderness in order to save the game, change outfits, or fast travel to another location.


In Multiplayer, the wilderness is largely the same as in single player, except that random encounters do not occur. In addition to random hunting opportunities, four Hunting Grounds are added to the wilderness by the Liars and Cheats DLC.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare there are many Undead hordes roaming the wilderness. Regular wild animals are replaced by Undead Animals.


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