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Willard's Rest is a location in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


It is a small homestead in Roanoke Ridge, northeast of Brandywine Drop. In 1898, it serves as a gang hideout. By 1899, it became the the home of Charlotte Balfour, a woman whose husband had passed away, leaving her worried about her future as she can't fend for herself.


Events of Red Dead Online

The location is a gang hideout that the player can clear.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan visits the homestead after teaching Charlotte how to skin a rabbit and, later, fire a rifle properly. After the latter, she invites Arthur inside to eat, but he collapses after a coughing fit from his advanced tuberculosis. He is placed in her bed, and finds a note from her when he wakes up, telling him to take the money on the nightstand, as she no longer needs it, seemingly deciding to be entirely self-sufficient.

She can be encountered a third time, wearing new clothes apparently made from animal furs and skin, and tells Arthur he can take anything from her house. Premium cigarettes can be found inside the cabin.

John Marston can encounter her in 1907, and informs her of Arthur's death and that he thought highly of her. She states that she'd assumed he'd died from his illness, and tells John that as a friend of Arthur, he can visit the cabin whenever he needs to.


  • Willard's Rest was originally called "Rocky Seven".