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Willis Lassiter
Rdr willis lassiter01
Gender Male
Location Transitory
Weapon Cattleman Revolver, Repeater Carbine
Rdr undead nightmare logo (perfect)
Red Dead Redemption:
Undead Nightmare

Missing Poster
Poster Location Rescue from
Fort Mercer Benedict Point

I thought I was dead for sure!

Willis Lassiter

Willis Lassiter is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Willis's background.


Red Dead Redemption

Willis can usually be found in Blackwater playing Blackjack, but has been known to frequent multiple towns and settlements throughout West Elizabeth.

Undead Nightmare

He is one of the missing souls to be located in the "Missing Persons" Side-missions. He is found at Benedict Point and needs to be returned to Fort Mercer.

Willis can also be found defending the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.


  • In Undead Nightmare, his poster lists him as a "Underappreciated father", indicating that he has one or more children. However, he is sought by friends.
  • Like many of the missing persons, he frequently prays to God and blames his past sins for the current actions, however he has a very pessimistic view and acts like the undead uprising is the end (quite justifiably so.)
  • When the player arrives in Benedict Point, the doors to the telegraph office in which Willis is hiding are boarded up (inexplicably, they're boarded up from the outside), but when the player kills enough undead, they drop off and Willis exits.
  • He shares a head model with Wilton Glover, Gaston Tidmore, and Otis Pope.

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