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Wong Bing

Wong Bing is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Wong Bing is a Chinese immigrant living in Blackwater. He is one of the few well-dressed Chinese characters in the game, showing that he is an established businessman in the local area.


Marston can play Poker with him at the Saloon in Blackwater.


Hahng'wúih. (Nice to meet you, 幸會 in Chinese - Cantonese)
Wong Bing
We aren't very good. Surely you will teach us something.
Wong Bing inviting Marston to a game of Poker
I'm old enough to take a few risks.
Wong Bing (betting in Poker)
I'm going to check out.
Wong Bing (checking in Poker)
I call that.
Wong Bing (calling in Poker)
D paai gam wu zou gaa. D牌咁污糟架 (The cards are dirty[bad] in Chinese - Cantonese)
Wong Bing (losing in Poker)
Tong joek fai aa. 湯藥費啊 (Medical fee in Chinese - Cantonese)
Wong Bing (losing in Poker)
Ngo yeng hou dor chin aa. 我贏好多錢啊 (I win a lot of money in Chinese - Cantonese)
Wong Bing (winning in Poker)
You qong duo yat yat aa. 又窮多一日啊 (I'm poor again in Chinese - Cantonese)
Wong Bing (lost in Poker)


  • While gambling, he can occasionally be heard complaining in Cantonese about the greasy playing cards and the filthy poker table. (Upon closer inspection, the cards and poker table in the Blackwater Saloon are dirtier than those found anywhere else in the game).
  • When not at the card table, he can frequently be seen standing around outside the Blackwater Law Offices building just down the street from the saloon, indicating that he may work there.
  • He appears to live in the collection of houses on the south end of town, since he can sometimes be seen standing around or sitting on one of the porches.
  • His outfit is identical to the one worn by Stanley Palmer, minus the top hat.
  • Like most Chinese characters in the game, Wong Bing speaks in the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, hinting at his place of origin in Guangdong province.
  • Wong Bing can also be translated as "王炳", the word "王" (Wong) is a fairly common family name in China, while the word "炳" (Bing) means light or brightness.


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