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Wróbel is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



At some time before 1899, Wróbel left his home in the Polish region of Upper Silesia and migrated to the United States. He later became a smallholder, managing operations for a ranch in West Elizabeth.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Leopold Strauss sends Arthur Morgan to Wróbel's ranch at Painted Sky, to force him to repay his loan.

Arthur abruptly enters Wróbel's home and confronts him, but owing to him being foreign, he does not understand much English, only speaking his native language of Polish and some German. Arthur attempts to help Wróbel understand what he is saying, but nothing works until he mentions Leopold Strauss' name, which Wróbel immediately recognizes. He panics and tries to explain why he has no money, but Arthur, now angered, throws him onto the floor and proceeds to beat him repeatedly.

Wróbel, terrified for his life, reluctantly allows Arthur to take some of his possessions in place of his debt. Arthur opens drawers, cabinets and armoires to ransack them of any valuable belongings, and eventually finds enough to pay off the debt. With what he had came for, Arthur departs Wróbel's smallholding and deposits the valuables back at camp.


By 1907, Wróbel is still at Painted Sky.

Sadie Adler offers to help John Marston pay off his debt to the bank by capturing a wanted man named Ramón Cortez, a member of the Del Lobo Gang, after which they would split the reward between them.

Based on a tip, the two arrive at Painted Sky and decide to split up to search for Ramón. Sadie enters the house to find Wróbel tied to a chair and gagged. She frees him from the chair and asks him where is Ramón. Wróbel tells her that he is hiding in the barn outside and that Ramón has been on his property for days. John and Sadie infiltrate the barn, capture Ramón, and take him to Scarlett Meadows Sheriff's Office in Rhodes.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


(In Polish) Should never trust Prussians, or Americans for that matter.
When Arthur ransacks his house
(In Polish) My horse, my horse! ...You leave me with nothing.
If Arthur takes his horse
The bastard's been here for days.
Wróbel speaking to Sadie in "A Quick Favor for an Old Friend"
Do your worst to him.
Wróbel to Sadie


  • Wróbel's origins are in Silesia, an area that had been contested between Poles and Germans for centuries. In historical terms, Poland did not exist as a independent nation in 1899, with its territory having been partitioned between the German (Prussian), Russian, and Austro-Hungarian empires over the course of the 18th century. The Silesian area being part of the Prussian and later, German Partition. Poland would not regain its sovereignty until 1918. with the Silesian borders today not decided until the 1950s.
  • When searching his house, the player can find a Silver Earring in the Cabinet to the left of both bedrooms and a Golden Wedding Ring in the side table between the two doors.
  • If the player enters Wróbel's barn, they can steal his Hungarian Half-bred horse. If this is done, Wróbel runs outside and becomes upset at the loss of his steed. Stealing his horse will result in a loss of honor.
  • One of the objects Arthur can take is the unique "Antique pocket watch". If the player chooses to do this, then Wróbel may say, "No, no, no", implying that the pocket watch is of high sentimental value to him.
    • Wróbel may also say this when items other than the pocketwatch are taken.
    • It is possible to keep the pocket watch and use it as Arthur's own timekeeping device. To do so, the player should open the desk where the clock is kept, but refrain from picking it up and gather the debt by other means. Once this is done, players should leave the desk open and return the debt to the camp; revisiting the house later on should allow the player to obtain the watch from the open drawer.
  • Once the player leaves the house it will impossible to enter again until they leave the area and come back to it.
  • When the player returns to the property, Wróbel will become hostile and attack the player.
  • If the mission becomes unavailable, Wróbel will be sitting at the table.
  • It is possible to kill him once the debt has been collected.
  • In Polish, the word "Wróbel" means "sparrow".
  • In 1907, it seems that Wróbel has gained a much greater fluency in the English language, as he speaks to Sadie in a more comprehensive English than he did to Arthur eight years before.