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Red Dead Redemption:
Outlaws to the End
achievement and trophy

You Rule!
Rdr outlaws you rule
Description Complete all Advanced Co-Op missions.
Gamer Score 15 gamerscoreGamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzeBronze
Downloadable content Outlaws to the End

You Rule! is a trophy/achievement in the Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End DLC pack.


Complete all Advanced Co-op missions.


This trophy is rewarded upon completion of all of the Advanced Co-op missions in the DLC Outlaws to the End.

Tips and Tricks

  • No matter which mission is played, it is highly recommended to have the maximum number of players (four).
  • "Walton's Gold": This is one of the toughest missions in advanced Co-op, but when equipping a sniper rifle, this can be very easily done. As soon as the mission begins, sprint up the hill on the left and snipe everybody down. When going into the mine, take as much cover as you can, because it is easy to die very fast in the mine. If the player wants to accomplish this mission directly on gold, then all bags must be collected in the mine. After exiting the mine, pick up some ammo and snipe everybody down from within the building.
  • "The River": Before the mission starts, have at least one player choose the Marksman II class - having a sniper in the group is imperative. When the mission is started, use the sniper rifle to take out all the enemies on the beach. When the group reaches the beach, be very careful because it is easy to die very soon if not paying attention. Find a rifle or repeater as fast as possible and take everyone out. When the group goes back on the raft, it is very hard to die because cover is easily taken everywhere and the enemies are easy to kill. When the raft reaches Nosalida, watch out; there will be enemies everywhere. Also, watch out for dynamite.


  • Though difficult, it is recommended the players attempt to earn this trophy at the same time as attempting to earn the The Mother Lode trophy/achievement.
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