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Nikoli "Yukon Nik" Borodin is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online.



Nikolai "Yukon Nik" Borodin was born in 1848. Immigrating from Russia to the Alaskan Territory to work as a trapper and hunter, Borodin eventually fled south to evade warrants issued against him for several murders. He is now currently sought for the abduction of a U.S. marshal who was sent to apprehend him. According to his bounty notice, Borodin is known to be extremely violent and is rumored to keep at least one captive Grizzly in his camp.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player, upon purchasing a bounty hunter's license, must track him down to Fort Riggs, where he and his fellow outlaws are shown preparing to torture and hunt the captured Marshal for sport. Borodin will hide in his cabin until the men outside are killed. He will then emerge and hold his gun to the Marshal's head, forcing the player to either kill or disarm him. Even if the marshal is killed, the player can still deliver Borodin to jail provided they can hold off his pursuing men.


  • Starting with four stars, the player will need to capture Borodin alive to receive the reward (the marshal's survival is optional) Five-star difficulty will have Borodin's back up not show up on the radar.
  • Freeing the Grizzlies from their cages can greatly aid the player, as they will attack Borodin's men and provide a good distraction. The bears will not attack the player despite being red dots on the mini map.
  • In order to save the marshal and capture Borodin alive, the player will need to aim for Borodin's hand, gun or arm. The success of this will vary and it can take multiple shots.
  • He was the last legendary bounty target added to Red Dead Online prior to the bounty hunter update, which was released December 1st, 2020.
  • The guards used for the mission have the same models used for the Skinner Brothers. However, it is unknown whether they are the same gang or not.[1]


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Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty -10 - "Yukon" Nik (5-Star Difficulty - Solo)