Zebra Donkey, or "Zonkey" as it is sometimes called, is the last unlockable mount in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. It is not available in the single player game.


The Zebra Donkey is the second fastest mount you can unlock, after the American Standardbred, though it has far more stamina. The Zebra Donkey cannot jump, and being off road does not affect its speed, technically making it the second fastest overall mount in the game, after the American Standardbred.

The Zebra Donkey mount is unlocked in multiplayer when the player has become a legend four times and has reached level 50 five times. See Ranks for more information.


  • The Zebra Donkey is fashioned after an oddity in Mexico, known as a Tijuana Zebra. It is a normal white donkey, painted (usually with shoe polish) to look like a zebra, and used in photos with tourists.
  • Interestingly enough, even though the Zebra Donkey is supposedly just a white donkey with shoe polish stripes, it is the second best multiplayer mount while El Señor is the worst.
  • Zebra Donkeys are less likely to slow down when nearing a large drop, making for good times running them off a tall bridge.
  • The Zebra Donkey may also be a reference to the Zebra Cab in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice city. The Zebra Cab is a modified Cabbie vehicle with a zebra-stripe paint job that is unlocked upon purchasing and completing the Kaufman cabs Taxi asset. It comes with superior performance levels in comparison to similar vehicles.
  • The Zebra Donkey is the only mount that, when locked, still has a visible mane color.
  • The Zebra Donkey's walking animation is the same as El Señor's, but has a faster walking speed, so the hooves seem to "moonwalk" across the ground.


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