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Red Dead Redemption:
Undead Nightmare
achievement and trophy

Zed's Dead, Baby
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Description Attain 100% Game Completion statistic in Undead Nightmare.
Gamer Score 40 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Silver silversilver
Downloadable content Undead Nightmare

Zed's Dead, Baby is an achievement/trophy in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


"Attain 100% Game Completion statistic in Undead Nightmare."

After obtaining 100% completion, unlimited item and ammo creation becomes available, making the ammo problems of the game almost virtually gone. This is only applicable to build ammunitions, not all types of ammunition.

Undead Nightmare is significantly easier to get 100% completion in than Red Dead Redemption, and can easily be done in less than nine hours total gameplay, as the Undead Nightmare story (Thus gameplay) is shorter than the Red Dead Redemption storyline.


This achievement requires players to completely finish every aspect of the game, as detailed below. On June 25, 2011, Rockstar added a 100% tracker for Undead Nightmare to the Social Club website to help players monitor their progress towards each of these requirements.

Complete all the missions

Survivor missions


Have all the regions saved at least once

West Elizabeth

  1. Blackwater
  2. Manzanita Post
  3. Cochinay
  4. Pacific Union R.R. Camp

New Austin

  1. Thieves' Landing
  2. MacFarlane's Ranch
  3. Armadillo
  4. Twin Rocks
  5. Fort Mercer
  6. Plainview
  7. Ridgewood Farm
  8. Rathskeller Fork
  9. Gaptooth Breach

Nuevo Paraiso

  1. Nosalida
  2. Escalera
  3. Tesoro Azul
  4. Chuparosa
  5. Las Hermanas
  6. Agave Viejo
  7. Casa Madrugada
  8. El Presidio
  9. El Matadero
  10. Torquemada

Cleanse All the Graveyards

  1. Blackwater Graveyard
  2. Coot's Chapel
  3. Odd Fellow's Rest
  4. Tumbleweed Graveyard
  5. Sepulcro

Save all Missing Persons

1% each for a total of 16%

Finding and breaking the Unicorn

Complete all the Challenges

Obtain all the Outfits


  • The title of this achievement/trophy is a partial quote from Butch Coolidge, a character played by Bruce Willis in the film Pulp Fiction ("Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.")
  • The term "Zed" has also been popularized in some TV shows and games as a slang term for zombies.
  • Upon reception of this achievement/trophy, builds no longer require items, thus the player can more easily obtain the items.
  • The game Lollipop Chainsaw has an achievement/trophy with a similar name.


  • Having already acquired Spinning Plates on a separate save, this trophy tripped with one town still showing as "Status Unknown", may be GOTY only.