I should have never left Shanghai.


Zhou is a minor character and Stranger featured in Red Dead Redemption. He is seen in the Stranger side-mission "Love is the Opiate".



Zhou is a Chinese immigrant from Shanghai. Indentured as a servant for the butcher in El Matadero.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Zhou tells the player that his love is waiting for him back home and he can't return to her because he's a slave to the butcher. The butcher tells Marston that Zhou is under contract, and if he breaks that contract he'll owe the butcher $10,000. He then says that if Marston brings him a white stallion, he'll give Zhou his freedom. The white stallion the player needs is a Hungarian Half-Bred, which can be anywhere in Nuevo Paraiso, but are usually found around Diez Coronas.

In the end with his freedom, Zhou returns to his love. Marston finds him several days later at the train station in Chuparosa, obviously high. Zhou says that he will quit "tomorrow". Marston walks away, and this is the last time the player sees or hears about Zhou.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


I came here to make my fortune. I got a job so I could marry my beloved.
If you don't help me, I'll die in this place!
I'll never see Shanghai again. I'll live and die in the dust!
Honestly I...I'm quitting tomorrow, and leaving.
Zhou (while high on opium)


  • If he, by chance, is killed by a rattlesnake or such, the player will not fail the mission.
  • It is possible to kill Zhou after the Chuparosa meeting. After the cutscene, Zhou will continue to sit on the bench. Marston can then kill him, at the loss of 50 honor (unless the player is wearing the Bandana).
  • He can be seen walking from El Matadero to Chuparosa after he is freed.
  • He shares the same name with a character in GTA Chinatown Wars, another Rockstar Games game.
  • An Asian man wearing the exact same clothes and a similar voice can be seen in and around the bank in Blackwater, although he is much older and not Zhou.
  • In Red Dead Redemption 2 the player can find the corpse of a man named Zhou Yi and loot a letter from his uncle Zhou Wei. The letter reveals that Yi was looking for his cousin Zhou Ming who is likely the Zhou later encountered by Marston in Mexico (Zhou being the family's name). Wei mentions that Ming had married a woman named Zhi Ruo and gone to America to make his fortune independently from his family, much to Wei's disapproval.



Aiding Strangers will contribute toward the following Trophies/Achievements:

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Complete a task for a Stranger.

Rdr people still strange icon
25 gamerscoreGamerscore
Silver silverSilver
Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.


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